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Week 26 through the phone

Hi there, Monday again. Time to wrap up last week in pictures – I like this new tradition of posting weekly summaries of some of the things I did. For me it’s fun to look back at, reminds me of keeping a diary as a teenager. So, last Monday we were both a big hungover and I ordered some really bad Indian food, never ordering from that place again. Being hungover on a Monday is crap as I love Mondays and to start the new week fresh. But sometimes it happens. Johan went to a logo presentation and before that we shared two pizza slices.

I came back home, answered some emails and talked some shit with Björn on our groupchat on whatsapp, which we share with Camilla and Johan. Johan asked Do I need to read those 72 messages I haven’t read? Eh no. I had some snacks before bedtime.

Tuesday I was working. Didn’t work enough last week, it was too hot. This week looks more promising. In the evening we took a walk and bumped into Allison, her husband and their dog and hung out for a while.

On Wednesday we were supposed to pick up some t-shirts Johan had worked on, but the guy wasn’t there, so we had a coffee at Café Mü.

Two flat whites.

And some salad with feta and tzatziki. I found 4 unfinished buttcrack characters, which I worked on that evening.

Here are Winter & Spring.

On Thursday I baked bread and we had egg sandwiches for lunch and spinach. Later on I met my friend Tenia for coffee at Tucker and we went to the mall.

Got myself some cheap sandals from Monki and hooked up with Johan to pick up those t-shirts and deliver them to Happy Baristas + have nitro coffee, love it.

A picture that doesn’t deserve to be on the blog, because it doesn’t look delicious at all, but sometimes it’s like that. I like the picture to the right a lot, shot in our staircase.

Made some nude buttcrack characters and on Friday we had a red curry with rice that I put together from whatever needed to be eaten before expiring. It was delicious.

Friday evening was spent with Andrew outside of a Späti drinking beers. Later on we headed over to Primitiv Bar to hang out with more friends before bed. I stayed in bed for 15 hours, was exhausted from the heat, from beer, from having a strange week where I felt a bit low. Needed that sleep. Saturday evening, we had a little road trip to Wedding with Tom, Allison & Andrew. Was lovely.

We picked up some beers from a client of Johan’s and Andrew’s and then drove around the city listening to loud music, went to a drive-in and sat outside of our döner place very late in the evening, it was super hot. Sunday I spent at home working, eating curry leftovers and later rigatoni with mushrooms, spinach and chorizo. Didn’t take any pictures and stayed off social media most of the day.

And this week? Do you have anything special to look forward to? I’ve kept my schedule open, waiting to hear from a client for a fun job which involves food. Apart from that, I am going to take it as it comes – start redesigning the Wrist Worms logo (not satisfied with the one I made last year, I want something more classic I think), catch up on emails, come up with ideas of subjects to blog about – do you have any requests? Would love to hear. Take care.


  • Jonna
    June 29, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    LOVE that shadow-light -photo from the staircase too!

  • Michelle
    June 30, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    It’s my birthday this week, so I’ll be celebrating!
    However, our area in UK has just gone back into lockdown due to high cases of Covid… 🙁

    • Sandra
      July 3, 2020 at 9:05 am

      Happy birthday, Michelle! Happy celebrations although the lockdown did a comeback :*


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