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Simple is also great

I could live on salad with cheese and dressing. Decided to stop eating pasta every day for lunch some days ago and I already feel lighter, both physically and mentally. This is from yesterday.

It is: Romaine lettuce, cucumber, green lentils with red onion etc, Bulgarian goat cheese, kalamata olives.

Dressing: Creme fraiche, milk (to make it more saucy), fresh garlic, fresh basil, s&p.

Simple. I always react when I see the comment Simple, but nice. Sounds like there’s something wrong with simple?

August, the last summer month I used to think when I lived in Sweden. Here I see September, at least the first half, as being summer as well. Camilla & Björn gave me this calendar for xmas. It’s made by Nina Hemmingsson, love her style. The text says Invite me to your party, I’ve been waiting for so long.

Status quo.

Summer means no coal, it’s wonderful to take a break for 6-7 months. Couldn’t do it all the time. I know it’s really shit to have coal heating, but there’s nothing I can do about it. This house is owned by someone who doesn’t care about much.

The not caring part sometimes has it’s good sides, like not ruining the facades of the courtyard. Never get tired of this view.

Made coffee, Johan is sleeping in, so I placed a cup next to his bed. Not many things beat hearing your loved ones walking around doing things in the morning if you decide to stay in bed. Our floors are quite squeaky and I know exactly where not to step.

Waiting for my mum to call me back. WE ARE EATING she said when I called. Not a time to talk on the phone. Today will be hot; 31°C in Berlin, I have shut the windows and balcony doors. Might take out an armchair on the balcony in the evening to read.

Tomorrow will be very special, Johan is taking a whole day off for the first time since this day. That’s 3 months ago. Time to embrace summer together; go for some high-quality coffee somewhere, sit outside and have beer (non-alcoholic is the thing in our household right now) and see where the day takes us, it looks like it’s going to rain but when the weather app says so, it usually rains for a few minutes.


  • Anne On
    August 1, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    Sandra, are you near the day of freedom march????!!?! It seems like a good day to stay inside or on the balcony, unless the protest is within hearing distance.

    • Sandra
      August 2, 2020 at 7:41 am

      The march was very far away from where I live, here it was just very loud from party people as usual at this time of year 😉 Hoped covid-19 would make a difference this year, but no. Cheers!


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