An evening at Night Kitchen

An invitation from Night Kitchen

The other evening Night Kitchen invited me over for dinner together with Johan. We made their website last year, was a lot of fun. Night Kitchen serves Israeli-inspired food, I highly recommend their Dinner with Friends – the staff asks you what you like (and if you eat vegetarian, have allergies etc) and brings you various dishes from the menu. This is so comforting after the lockdown – to be able to share food together in restaurants again. Night Kitchen is one of the best food experiences I’ve had in Berlin. Make sure to make a reservation, the place is very popular. Let’s have a look at what we ate.

Night Kitchen is located in a courtyard which you enter from Oranienburger Strasse, very close to the synagogue. We started with challah bread – served with tahini & arisa.

Johan had a delicious cocktail called The Schneider (Campari, aperol, carrot, chili, turmeric syrup, fresh orange juice) and I had a glass of cava.

This is the tomato carpaccio (labaneh, croutons, fresh oregano, kalamata olive powder, dried yogurt), doesn’t it look beautiful? You will see more pictures of it when you scroll down, can’t get enough. It tastes amazing and so fresh as well. Love how attentive the staff is when it comes to recommending wine, we had a wonderful German sauvignon blanc which I can’t remember the name of, bummer.

Everything is so so so good. Been here several times and can’t get enough.

It’s so atmospheric. We sat in the garden which was so lovely now that it’s very hot in Berlin.

This dish was one of my favourites; Crispy cauliflower sambal (crispy cauliflower, herbs, red onion, radish, lentils, black lentil cream). The cauliflower had almost the texture of cod.

Schawarma Al Pastor (grilled pork belly, cabbage mustard jam, honey & orange sauce, grilled spring onion, grilled corn, coriander).

The lovely staff brings you shots which they share with you, this is a cranberry & ouzo shot, I love ouzo, L’chaim!

More food arrived.

My company and a plate of…

Zucchini burrata (Zucchini “spaghetti”, capers, preserved lemon, dried apricot, almonds, burrata), so fresh.

Octopus Merguez (butter beans cassoulet, herbs, fennel cream, jerusalem-artichoke-chips) – I asked specifically for this dish as I loved the Octopus Merguez they had on their menu last year. This was equally delicious.

The plates!

Grilled shrimps (tzatziki, spicy cucumber salad, grilled onion, capers salsa).

The restaurant was packed later in the evening, we started eating already at 6pm and it was beautiful to see more and more people arriving.

I usually never order dessert, it’s included in the menu so of course we ate it and it was so good. I finished the chocolate mousse. The other things are lemon corn custard & raspberry cheesecake cream.

Finished off the dinner with a cardamom mule (cardamom infused vodka, citrus, ginger beer) and Johan had a Fernet Menta.

We left so content. If you have the chance – go! It’s a great experience. Thank you, Night Kitchen.

For those of you who wonder how restaurants handle Covid-19 in Berlin – All staff is wearing masks, the guests are allowed not to wear masks as long as they sit at the table. As soon as you stand up to go to the bathroom or leave the restaurant, you need to wear a mask too.


  • Alexandra
    August 12, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Näe, nu är jag sådär hungrig igen! Måste komma ihåg att läsa dina restaurang inlägg efter maten, inte innan… Lite som att gå att bada! ;o)
    Ser fantastiskt ut och dina bilder är underbara!

    • Sandra
      August 15, 2020 at 11:12 am

      Haha vet vad du menar. Oftast redigerar jag och lägger upp bilder innan jag ätit. Trög 😉


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