Week 45 through the phone

This is the week the lockdown light came to town. I just read in the newspaper that it will continue until at least January 10. We all do what we can to protect ourselves and others, right? I’m not meeting many people these days, which isn’t hard for me being used to spending time with myself and Johan. I feel for you guys who are more social.

The winter light is just amazing. I love winter in Berlin so much more than summer.

Had a take away coffee with Johan and forgot my Wrist Worms, it was COLD without them.

The RAW area is so empty.

Berlin tiles and a very quick lunch. Since we don’t eat breakfast in this house, it’s nice to somestimes have breakfast food for lunch.

Those farfalle again to empty the package, with burrata. Was very tasty. And the tool I use, it’s approx 13 years old and still working as fine as when it was new – I guess it will outlive me.

Friedrichshain, some people in this city hate this area, people used to love to tell me I never go to Friedrichshain, in a proud-like way. Like… OK, I don’t care? Your loss.

Let’s share a frozen pizza quickly before meeting our friends!! Friday you know.

Let’s meet for a Glühwein means let’s continue with red wine.

And spend time with my favourite muppet Charley.

Saturday morning at Boxi, the first time you had to wear the mask at the market – the police was there to check on people, but they were mostly checking out food.

Sunday was hangover day and we shared a schawarma dürüm, in the evening I ordered hummus and a halloumi plate which was supposed to come with salad but it came with fries, oh no! Not the end of the world. Bla bla bla.

Berlin is cold, I want snow this winter, last winter was the first one without any. I wonder if we will ever see this again.


  • Paula A.
    December 4, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    Hi Sandra! Lovely post, as usual. Why do people say that about Friedrichshain? My best friend lives in Friedrichshain, and I find it such a charming neighbourhood every time I visit her in Berlin. I love seeing your images of it, it makes me nostalgic. 🙂


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