Week 52 through the phone

Christmas week! I worked my ass off with Wrist Worms and then it was time to prepare the Swedish julbord for us and our friends Charley, Gerrit & Allison. Allison baked one million American sweets which I forgot to take a picture of.

In November I got to play with cyanotypes, a medium Allison is using among one million other media. Well, Allison is one million everything. I made mini meatballs for Charley.

Johan made vegan pickled herring, eggplant was the substitute and I must say it was sooo tasty, better than fish. I don’t know why I’ve been wearing this pair of Wrist Worms the most this winter. It’s not really “my” colour, maybe that’s why.

Love this corner. On Christmas Eve, I set the table. It looks like easter, midsummer & christmas in one.

Charley’s food corner. And our julbord.

Allison and I went down to the basement for a treasure hunt and omg look what she made me! Kenny is the name I would have gotten if I had been born with a penis. Guys with names ending with a Y are over represented at the prisons in Sweden. Always heard it as a kid and thought it was a myth and then someone did research and it was true. So, if I had been Kenny, you would have had to come to prison to hear my stories. I wonder what would have gotten me into that place. Illegaly shooting reindeers? Smuggling drugs over the border to Finland? Kenny the criminal.

Spent the next days eating left-overs and walking. This is my favourite gravestone at the Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof IV. Why?

Have a nice Sunday, I’m taking it easy listening to the neighbour doing her dishes. A dog barking. Me typing. The horny pigeons. Will go for a walk, see you!

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