Week 53 through the phone

Week 53 started with a really long walk, starting at Boxhagener Strasse and I saw buildings having been renovated in such ugly ways that I started feeling extremely low because it’s not the Berlin I moved to (I know, things change, it just feels sometimes like experiencing a friend changing personality to a less charming one). So I walked to Victoriastadt and then deeper into Lichtenberg to see if I could find some of the old charm. I did.

Back home via Frankfurter Allee where the police was shutting down stores selling firecrackers as it was illegal to sell them for this NYE.

Not many pictures from this week, was working a LOT and partying a bit. “A bit”.

Picture from a party stroll with my friends since Johan and I had planned not to celebrate new years eve. NYE lunch at home, still not planning to celebrate.

Hey guys, what are you doing? Shall we celebrate together? Who were we kidding? Was so much fun.

Johan and I went for a long walk feeling great after 3 parties in 1 week (I’m serious, all this good energy, I can’t believe it). On Sunday there was a bit of snow, met Charley & co for coffee. And that was it.

2021 – what’s going to happen?

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