Fall 2021

Working on Wrist Worms for this fall. You can of course still buy them until then, here. Been a bit late on having a big enough inventory the past couple of years due to wholesale orders. Won’t happen this year.

Took some pictures in the staircase, have promised myself to have more photoshoots there cause it’s beautiful, the light is amazing and there aren’t many places like this left in Berlin.

I want to take the chance to thank you all for writing such kind things in the comments. You are so generous with your thoughts and I read them all. Doing my best to respond but sometimes I can’t keep up and try to focus on making new blogposts instead.

Stay well!

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  • Alina
    March 18, 2021 at 5:52 am

    Ah yes, I’ve always loved this vase whenever you took photos of it! So dang beautiful. And you are right – your little setup looks awesome in that staircase and light <3


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