Week 12

The pictures on my instagram at the beginning of the lockdown a year ago turned out to show lots of pastels. I even bought a pair of lilac coloured sneakers, don’t know what was going on?

Anyhow, Peps was visiting. I look at her and ask Wanna go out (Ska vi gå ut)? in Swedish and she jumps up, stretches, wags her tail and runs towards the hallway. Mostly we speak Spanish together.

Walking around the neighbourhood to find something interesting I’ve never shot before. It’s hard after 10 years.

Been organizing and cleaning my workspace, it’s now very tidy. Found the only car I ever owned, don’t remember how old I was when my dad made it for me. Peps and I went to our favourite place to play fetch.

My dad sent me a picture of him being in a car wash so I sent him a picture of me being in a tram wash. Been watching the german series Weissensee a second time and it’s even better than the first time I watched it cause I can binge it now. Want that lamp.

Made a tomato-chickpea-cumin-soup and on sunday, we were invited to Nightkitchen for pita (we both chose the seafood one) and a cocktail. I had one with sparkling wine an amaretto and Johan went for a tahini-vodka-tapioca one. Never had a cocktail with tahini before. The colour was grey, intriguing.

Do you want to go for dessert? Johan asked. We walked towards Friedrichsstrasse to take the S- & U-Bahn towards Gleisdreieck and then to…

…Tempelhof to visit Gimme Gelato, our friend Ralf’s gelato shop for which Johan has done all the graphic design, some of the interior and so on. On our long way home we passed by one of Berlin’s most famous clubs KitKat which is now a corona test center. Bipolar city? Yes.

We came home after a whole day walking around and decided it was time to empty the hallway, there will be some changes done there this coming weekend. Can’t wait to share more with you. About time to give that super long catwalk corridor some love.

Hope you’re all well xo

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