Going up to Tornedalen (north Sweden), you go miles without seeing anything else but forests. No people, no petrol stations. Only trees, mountains and rivers. It takes 2 hours by car from Luleå to go to where my parents grew up. My dad’s eagerness to step out of the car was bigger than stopping at places that I thought looked interesting on our way up to see relatives. Pictured is an old grocery store in Teurajävri that I’ve never seen open, it has been closed for as long as I can remember.

When I was in Sweden last september, my mum and I did a roadtrip up there and we stopped at several of all those places that I had been so curious about all my life.

I was a very shy kid, never dared to ask to see places I wasn’t invited to. I never saw anything else but the kitchen of my maternal grandfather’s home for example and I remember I was dying to see the rest of the house. The house has been moved and I don’t know where it is, it’s been sold to someone.

A house on the same ground as the old grocery store.

This is a room behind the store, most likely the livingroom of the people running it. Look at those sofas!

I wonder if the old counters are still there. Would be so much fun to know more, the floor of the livingroom in the back was completely broken – not that I would have entered anyway. Or?

I wonder for how much longer that house will be there.

Are you celebrating Easter where you are? Johan and I are not, but I don’t mind the long weekend and we have a big project going on at home, yay!

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  • Thilda
    April 1, 2021 at 6:36 pm

    Oh, So interesting to read about your childhood! Those little villages are so sad, same as here, in Finland. I also has been very shy, but now a days think that you never get anything, if you don’t just ask. 🙂 We are not actually celebrating Easter, but my soon coming birthday instead, in a little hotel in island in gulf of Finland. 🙂


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