Studio revisit: Sara Möller

On Saturday I went over to Schöneberg to see my friend Sara again, for a photoshoot and hangout. Such an inspiration to see her experiments with different techniques. Here is her instagram. Sara, can we mount it on the wall somehow?

Yes, we could and both died of happiness when I managed to catch this. Coffee/tonic, non-alcoholic grapefruit radler, mozzarella, watermelon and almonds. We have very similar taste in food and drinks – preferably as savory, bitter and dry as possible.

The studio she’s been having her artist residency at is so great for taking pictures. Perv hiding behind the pilar.

Kleistpark in Schöneberg. Lovely reflection in one of the windows of the studio.

We hadn’t seen each other since probably 2010 before we finally met for a walk in December. Shit virus & other incidents didn’t let us hang out until recently and now she’s leaving and I’m going to miss her so much. It feels like we’ve been friends since we were kids, probably because we become kids in each others company. Funny thing is that we never hung out in Gothenburg, just randomly chatted at parties. OK, now I’ll put an end to this love letter.


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