A week off

Johan took a week off from work and so did I, especially after good near future work news on thursday, that’s when I could finally relax. We did a lot of stuff at home, met a bunch of friends outdoors, decided to eat whatever we wanted until we got almost broke. This is from an evening on the balcony.

We also started to decorate the hallway, I will show you which colour it is soon. Do you have a guess? Mr. Black by Camilla is finally framed after hanging around unframed since 2008. If I remember correctly, Mr. Black is inspired by Johan?

Anyhow, the first saturday of vacation we bought a pizza from Ritrovo and a Rotk├Ąppchen, went to Boxi and of course bumped into friends which led to more Rotk├Ąppchen. With the kind of hangover that gives me a lot of energy, I went to Oranienburg while SOMEONE was WORKING.

I got my second shot of Pfizer last week, too. Did you get vaccinated yet?

The balcony turned into a place for reading (me), watching movies (Johan), eating, sleeping, laughing, talking. I slept there for a few hours on sunday morning and Johan joined me later.

Many years ago, when Johan and I were pretty new in this city, we met Irina and Sergey for some vodka and dinner when they were visiting. Now they live here but due to you-know-what we haven’t been able to see eachother until now. On Sunday, we finally met for lunch at Akkawy and it was such a great reunion.

We headed over to Tucker for coffee and cake afterwards and we already plan to see eachother again soon. It’s not going to take approx 8 years until next time.

Sunday evening none of us wanted more heavy food. Took what was in the fridge and watched Crimson Peak.

So these were a few of the things we did. It was a both long and short week, like time off usually is. Everything has been so good and the best part is that Johan and I got closer to eachother than in a long time. Such good conversations; talking about ideas, trying not to have so many opinions about things, deleting fear out of our lives, being thankful for not being paranoid and being able to steer away negative thoughts. Most of us make up so many things in our minds that don’t even exist. I want to go out more of myself and discover new things, this good old brain needs fuel.

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