Pasta, Christmas & Structure

Linguine for lunch. With a tomato sauce with left-over ssam sauce, lots of parsley & garlic, cooked with the rind of a parmesan cheese (don’t throw them away, I usually freeze mine for future sauces, you remove it from the sauce before eating it).

Bought this when I moved here over 10 years ago, it’s always christmas in the studio apparently.

Working on Wrist Worms for Fall, will very soon start working on a wholesale order and I can not wait. Will binge series and films while crocheting (need something to watch, if I listen to audio books or podcasts, I crochet too fast which gives me pain). Do you have any series and/or films to recommend?

I’m trying to stick to routines and structure, so easily distracted by my own brain which produces new ideas all the time. How do you find focus? I’d love to hear. Talk soon!

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