Cats & butts

March 14, 2023

Favourite 80s cats which I got from a friend for my 9th birthday. Have you saved stuff from your childhood?

These 3 butties are still available. Thank you so much for your support! This is Zitadelle, Augusta & Luise.

See you!


The last butts!

March 11, 2023

The last buttcrack characters have been made! I started making them over 15 years ago and now: over. There is 9 different ones in the shop, their names are inspired by some underground stations around Berlin. There’s a personal story shared from each of them.

This is Magdalene making out with Helle.

Theodor is whispering secrets in Moritz‘s ear.

That’s that. Thank you so much for your butt support over the years. Got no idea of how many I have made, 200? The colours in the last picture look pretty cold, the light has been strange here today. Happy weekend!!


An inspiring title

March 9, 2023

Pia has now lived with us for over a year. She’s the boss, obviously.

Café Krone in Oderberger Strasse where I hadn’t been there for 12 years, coffee is still made with long-life milk, a flavour I don’t really enjoy but it made me nostalgic. It tasted vacation in Berlin back in the 2000s.

Btw: 4 beanies left, 35€ instead of 49€ (I won’t be making more of these). 3 different pairs of Wrist Worms,20€ instead of 35€. The Wrist Worms will be back in a new outfit, a smaller collection this time. Oh, and I’m working on the very last batch of buttcracks right now, 9 different ones – they will be listed within a week.


Snow slide

February 28, 2023

Went to Sweden for a week and it was excellent as you can see.


Windows 23

February 20, 2023

Can you see the pictures this time? Approx 20% of my readers couldn’t see them hence the new blog, it feels good.